Friday, August 9, 2013

Until Monday

Yesterday was quite the change of pace. I had customer conversations all morning while I worked on finishing the mask I started the day before. Then as the day wore on those conversations turned another custom order purchased that I need to wait for supplies to make and one regular order and I started feeling much better about the whole week. I spent the rest of the day remaking the piece I'd sold and watching the end of series 2 of Sherlock and several Doctor Who episodes with the kids. I may say that I'm going to miss all my tatting time when school starts up again, but what I'm really going to miss is marathoning shows I missed when they aired.

So today, I can't really work on either custom order I have in queue because I won't receive the supplies I ordered for them until next week. I suppose it's back to mask making then, but in a much better mood knowing I do have work ready for me next week along with schooling and teacher meetings and their first school event. Oh, man, I'm getting tired just thinking about next week. Yes, I think sitting about and leisurely working on nothing that really needs getting done sounds like a lovely way to end the week and the summer. Well, off to it then and I'll see you, fully stressed out, on Monday.

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