Friday, August 2, 2013


I had quite a long, distracted day yesterday. The whole routine was a bit off because the husband was off to a conference from which he will not return until this evening. We also had to drop him off in the morning and so we followed that with early morning errands. Just in case that hadn't completely put off our routine, I checked on the kids classes and they were finally active on the school site, so I spent hours looking to see what supplies I might need to acquire before they start school on the 12th. Then I let the kids start picking the books they were going to read during those sections where they get to pick, so I could acquire those as well.

It wasn't until after lunch time that I finally sat down to tat anything. First I tried adding a bit to the existing center, forcing picots into being where I needed them. This gave me hope, but it also taught me that there were quite a few more stitch count changes that would need to be made before the piece would behave in a manner I approved of.

I started from scratch and worked up one new rectangle motif with all the changes I thought I needed. It took much longer than usual with the higher than usual distraction level and I didn't stop to get a photo, but I finished the one and it looked perfect. So distracted or not, my plan today is to get the second half done and get the new piece listed. I also think there might be a big pendant hiding in there and maybe even some earrings.

Yesterday did not start the month off with the bang I had hoped, nor the sales, but I'm going to keep swimming, or rather tatting because my summer is almost over. Seeing the kids' schedule for the year confirmed that I'm going to be much busier with them this year, so brace yourselves for the blog boredom now. Doing everything I want to do is going to be a lot of hard work.


Madtatter80 said...

well looks like your are good under pressure!

God's Kid said...

That looks very nice!! :)