Tuesday, August 13, 2013


What a day, what a day. I mean the first day of school is always a bit of a challenge, but add a two hour park day interruption, laundry, extra instructional email newsletters and a dozen other small tasks and the day seemed to stretch on forever. The kids were pretty good about doing their work, only mild complaining, but there was a lot more of it. As I prepared for today's lessons, I realized that the middle of the week will be worse. Don't worry, I'll stop complaining once we settle into the routine which should be in a week or so.

I did get some tatting done in the evening though as I needed to decompress. I knew I couldn't handle anything big and a trip to Michaels over the weekend reminded me that Halloween is getting close. Okay, sure it's still over two months away, but that's close enough to start tatting spiders right?

They're easy to make and they help take my mind off everything else. I have listings already created for these and a couple of spider jewelry pieces. I deactivate them after Halloween every year and then just pop them back up again when it feels like it's time. So they'll likely reappear in the shop later today.

I don't have any orders in queue and I don't think I'll try to get up to anything big since my tatting time has been reduced to just a few hours in the evening, so today will likely produce more spider-lings. I just make them until I have a nice pile and then hope a few people out there feel the need to decorate with them. Here's to day two then.

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Madtatter80 said...

Good idea and to keep them for next year too. I do that with snowflakes they lay flat in a folder and I put them in the window every year. i guess I should do Halloweens stuff that way too!