Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I had another of those, perfectly Monday, Mondays. Sure, it started out fine except for the mild headache that accompanied me all day long. School went well and I asked more folk about the collar necklace and received some more well thought out, opinions. The addition of buttons was a popular one, but I don't have any buttons around the house. Not only that, but I was really liking the idea of a completely cotton thread piece. So, I decided to crochet my own buttons and just add loops to the other side. It actually worked and people seemed to like the result so I dolled myself up a bit, got some pictures and listed the necklace.

I think it looks great facing wither direction. It either needs a low cut neckline, strapless top or I suppose it could actually work as a collar in the classic sense, layered over a high neck dress. I struggled a lot with pricing and naming it, but mostly pricing. There are quite a few tatters on the Etsy with classic collars priced so cheaply, I feel like they must be giving away their time. I mean I work fast and this took three full days of work to make not including extra design time, but I still felt bad about the high price.

So this is where the day went wrong. I got a message that a package hadn't yet been received and there wasn't even any tracking information on it. I know it went in the mail, but since it wasn't even initially scanned, I fear it was lost or stolen and I spent the rest of the evening hurriedly remaking the order for the very understanding customer waiting for it. This exacerbated that day long headache and I ended the day feeling very much like a Monday just worked me over.

I'm not sure what I'll get up to today since the new project is done and I haven't sold anything to remake in days. I was kind of thinking about doing the collar in white and trying out some embellishments, marketing it a a bridal collar. We'll see though, I might just take a little break since I always feel really letdown after I finish a big piece. At least it's not a Monday again, huh?


Madtatter80 said...

This came out great and the crochet button is another great, make due stuck at home thing. Ah job well done!

God's Kid said...

Your collar looks amazing!!! And you look like a model!! :)

Małgoś 13 said...

Bardzo piękny kołnierzyk.