Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lace On The Televsion

Yesterday almost felt like it was back to our old routine. There were fewer complaints and while school still lasted longer than it used to, it went much smoother and while I taught, I received a nice order which gave me my task for when the schooling was over.

I spent the afternoon remaking a choker that was sold and I even remembered to take a picture of something to punch up the boring old blog post. Since it's something I've made before, I just went with the nice, abstract photo so there would be some lace.

Speaking of seeing lace though, twice in the last week, I have spied tatted lace on the television. First as I was watching the season premiere of Hell on Wheels. The preachers daughter, who I suppose it the preacher now, had a large tatted lace collar. Funny that with my exposure to antique patterns, I recognized it easily and it appeared to be of vintage or antique origin itself. I know I've seen that same one in an antique shop myself.

The second sighting was a bit odder. I was watching The Daily Show when the joke was made the John Stewart was mistakenly hosting The Doily Show and behind him was a large image of a tatted doily. I think the last time I saw tatted lace on the television was an annual airing of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, as one of the toys for the island of misfit toys sports a tatted collar. So, weird tatting week then, huh?

I'm done remaking from yesterday, so here's to another morning sale to give me a pleasant afternoon. Otherwise it's spiders, spiders and more spiders.


Madtatter80 said...

That's really neat, how tatting shows up I was at an antique shop and bought a slip and it was cut off so only the tatting and a couple inches of material was left. It's beautiful and I was thinking of taking pictures of it and place it on my blog. I have used it to sell shuttle I've made. but I look at it all the time and I recognize the pattern from 1800's, what is sad about it is that, the thread is such high quality, I wonder why the threads nowadays isn't made like that!

Meg said...

I don't watch a lot of TV - the quality seems to be in inverse proportion to the number of choices - but there is a character who I think should be wearing lace and that's Abby Sciuto on NCIS. I would like to see her in some of your creations, I think that would be really cool.