Monday, August 19, 2013

That Was A Surprise

What a weekend. No, really, it was quite a departure. Friday was quiet. School went quickly and then the kids spent the afternoon with their grandma, so I played birthday acquired video games. The rest of the weekend is where is got interesting. The husband pulled off a surprise birthday...I'm going to go with get together. In fact, the kids were in on it and though I thought something fishy was going on, I really didn't think he would have gone this far.

I have to tell you, I feel pretty darn lucky to have what I do. I mean, sure I'm not rich, surrounded by hundreds of friends, nor famous and I certainly have dozens of small things to whine about, but what I do have is wonderful. I have a small handful of friends and family who are wonderful, honest, supportive, funny and just the right amount of...let's say odd, or maybe about off. The point is I love them all and they gave me a great Saturday with legos and Doctor Who toys, food and lot's of chatting.

I spent most of Sunday recovering, but there were a few small orders over the weekend, so I worked on those as well. I also put together my Ghost Train Lego set. It glows in the dark. I only managed to get one picture that looked alright, but it's much bigger and cooler than just this one section.

So today, we're back to the school week and I have one mask in queue that needs to be remade. I was going to do that on Saturday, but the best laid plans and all that. So I guess my birthday wasn't low key after all. Now I just have to remember what age I am when people ask and move on with my year.


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Aww, happy belated birthday! The Lego looks awesome :)