Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mostly Better

Happy Halloween all! I'm actually feeling pretty good this morning. I awoke with the ability to breath through my nose and it seems all that's left of the horror that took me down over the weekend is an occasional annoying cough, a bit of built up gunk and a little pressure. So I'm giving the zinc lozenges two thumbs up for cutting the duration f this thing at the very least.

I still didn't get all the things I wanted to get done taken take of yesterday, but I felt motivated to tackle a couple of small things. A few weeks ago a package appeared lost, it seemed stalled in Sacramento for days, so we assumed it was a goner. I remade the order and sent it out. After the new order arrived, the first order arrived too and was promptly returned by the customer. I think I mentioned these earrings when I made them. There's nothing new about the pattern, but since I never work in golds, they definitely feel different. The findings are brass because I don't keep gold on hand. Personally I don't much like gold myself, I don't own any and I think brass works and has more innate warmth. Of course I could just be trying to justify my opinion here.

Though I didn't finish up the linen chokers like I wanted to, I did tat something. I decided I needed to make something I hadn't made before even if it didn't end up in the shop. So I busted out my vintage books and made this little motif. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I do love the inside illusion that it's four clusters when it's not, but maybe that's just one of those things that only another tatter would find clever. I'm sure I'll think of something to do with the piece, but the point is that it was something new to do and it got me focused again.

All that new found focus will be useless today as the holiday takes over much of it. There is schooling as usual of course, but then there is the annual trick or treating at Daddy's work in the afternoon. It's a chance for the husband to show off the kids to his work friends and they get candy they don't have to work hard for. Then it's my mother's birthday dinner followed by trick or treating with one set of their cousins all the while hoping that the 10% chance of rain doesn't beat the odds and rain us out. All this smack in the middle of the week means the rest of the week will have to fight to get attention. Fun.


Fox said...

Pretty pretty pics today... love that vintage shape...
Fox ; )

Val said...

Beautiful tatting, as usual. Glad the flu is subsiding.