Thursday, October 25, 2012

This And That

Another day, another remade piece. I've already attacked the smaller pieces, so that leaves me with only substantial ones to make. Yesterday I tackled the last small piece, a pendant necklace and then moved onto a pair of barefoot sandals which used up much of the day. As soon as I was finished with them and got them back up in the shop, I got another order, again with a large piece in it that will now need to be remade. I'm seriously not going to complain about the sales. I am so very grateful for them, but the timing is a bit odd making me feel a bit like I just can't get ahead.

I guess I'm just getting a little exhausted as I move into what I've referred to in the past as production mode. It really is normal this time of year to shift into that gear, but it always takes time to adjust. Summer is full of time to do what ever I want and take care of the shop business, then suddenly I have to focus on only keeping the shop stocked, there is no time for any other nonsense and if I somehow get extra time I have to remind myself that I need to use it to get ahead not wander off in another direction. So I'm going to try to focus more, nose to the grindstone and all that. In the meantime I'll try to snag a picture of something interesting during the day to liven up these posts.

So as you've probably guessed today's plan is schooling and remaking. I do have to steal some time soon to do some adjustment to the kids costume pieces. They just want to be cats so we picked up cheap bits from the Target and they have small issues I need to address before the big day. I'm quite glad they wanted to go simple much cheaper and less time for me as well. We also have the pleasure of an overnight babysitting job tonight. Three cousins will be sleeping over and staying  much of the day tomorrow. I don't have much hope for productiveness then, so I really have to make up for it today.

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