Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Another fairly productive day, once schooling was over anyway. We had been racing through 3rd grade art and holding off on 4th grade history so we could start 4 grade art with the history class. This was at the recommendation of our teacher because the two courses reinforce each other. Yesterday we were ready to start, but in order to get caught back up with the two courses I need to double up on them for a few weeks so schooling is going to be a giant for the time being.

After all that though I actually did what I needed to and got the two new pieces photographed and listed. It's always harder to do that photography step when ones face is still suffering the ill effects of a massive, discoloring cold sore, but thanks to editing tools, I think I managed to eek by. I really love how the bracelet in particular turned out. I sits right over my hand all dramatically thus the cathedral name. I might even have to make one for myself. I very rarely bother since I don't go out all that much and I hate to waste the lace.

The choker looks nice too. The only drawback to it as a necklace is that it really needs to sit very close to your neck to look nice since it is such a straight design. The header row in the original pattern pulls the design into an arc, but without it, the piece is a rail. The one here is actually too big for me and the clasp is pulling it down in the back so it looks fine, but I figured out that if I use the adjustable clasps I can make it in two different sizes by using one less repeat, but that's it. Of course it will also sit differently without a center point.

Already the bracelet has found a home so I have one to remake this morning. Well more like this afternoon since schooling now owns my mornings, but as soon as I can anyway. I'm also working on a third version of the design, this time another choker in the shorter length in brown with copper beads and a few changes. Its a lot of beads since there are so many picots in the design, but I just used singles so it's still subtle. Hopefully I finish both of these tasks today, but in the 100º+ October weather I may just melt instead. Seriously this temperature is ridiculous, I need Autumn already. Now that that's out of my system, on with the day.

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