Monday, October 29, 2012


I have been taken down by that great and evil cold weather menace...a cold. The oldest daughter had it first, then my nieces arrived and traipsed around the house all Friday with a nasty cough of their own. I suppose it was just too much for my immune system to fight and I went down like an elephant. Friday evening it was the tell tale sore throat and by Saturday morning it was in full swing and consequently, I got nothing of importance done over the weekend. Why, you ask, didn't I just take some cold medicine and mask the symptoms? Well, I have an odd allergy to acetaminophen. Yes, Tylenol, which is an ingredient in most effective cold medicines, so I take what I can and it tries, but I'm currently living with cold induced brain fog. I am obsessively sucking on zinc lozenges in an effort to keep this thing short, so I suppose they're a chance that the entire week won't be a wash.

This is the last linen piece I made before the cold took me down. Once my brain is functioning again, I'll get some hardware on it and list it. It's a nice long choker. There's just enough curve in the design that it sits nice at the base of the neck. I wanted to make it in all three linen colors I acquired, but in my current state, I just want it off the table so it doesn't get destroyed in the meantime.

So today all I intend to accomplish is schooling the kids. Any other tasks completed will be icing since I'll be lucky to successfully communicate their lessons with my brain fog. Hell, if it weren't for spell check you'd be reading a jumble of letters right now with now relationship to real words. So here's to a quick return to health and tatting.

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