Friday, October 12, 2012


I got a little sidetracked with my crochet project yesterday. I had forgotten the compulsion, when knitting or crocheting, to finish a row before setting it down. Unfortunately when one is working on an afghan, the row is quite formidable. I suppose that's just another reason why I'm so suited to tatting. I can stop whenever I please without concern that I will have forgotten where I am or the row will accidentally be unraveled by cats or kids. With tatting I can just stop at a ring and pick right back up when I need to.

I did promise a photo and though I'm not sure it looks like anything yet, I guess you could get the basic idea. I'm not going to get much time to work on it today however as I have a few projects in queue. Let me back up though and start with the nice thing that happened. Whenever I get a direct email from a customer, I immediately panic. Is it a lost package, a destroyed one? Do they want to return it, they hate it? I live in near constant fear of these scenarios. This time it was a lovely thank you for a mask arriving quickly and so I posted on facebook that I much enjoyed these sort of correspondences. The conversation there was wonderful until I got a convo on etsy with the dreaded, 'my package hasn't arrived yet, did you mail it?'. I had of course mailed it, but the tracking shows it stuck in Sacramento since the 27th...a lost package I assume. So I have lost items to remake and send after apologies were made. Sometimes i really hate having to rely so heavily on a service I have no control over.

I suppose that's a good news, bad news sort of story. After that I received a request for a modified necklace and I've decided that the best was to do so would be to just make a fresh one in the new dimensions rather than cobble together the extra length. So that's first up today. The other task is back to the kitty ears that I didn't get round to doing yesterday. See the afore mentioned sidetracking project for my excuse. I'd like to say, at least it's Friday, but I think this weekend is pretty booked which means no rest for the wicked. Well, at least it finally feels like Fall.

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** jess! ** said...

I had my first case of one of those scenarios this week. (lost package) So sad, it was a big order too.
So, I certainly feel your pain on the love hate relationship with postal service.