Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wasted Days

Isn't it odd how one appointment in the middle of the day can put off the whole day? Of course it doesn't help that I was waiting to see the doctor for an hour. I suppose that's not so unusual except that this doctor is usually on top of appointments and this was hands down the longest I've ever waited there and the whole thing just sucked the life and energy out of me. It was so bad, coupled with the rainy, lazy day the rest of the family was having that I stalled for hours before finally making something. Even then it was the smallest thing on my to do list.

To make matters both better and worse, I received more last minute Halloween orders. This time mask and necklace combos. It's better because they are sizable orders and after our weekend expenditures and the car bill I could certainly use the money, it's worse because now I have even more large pieces that will need to be remade. School is back in session today so hopefully the return to routine will keep me on task for the day. I really need to focus and get the shop back in order before the holiday shopping begins. I'm personally hoping for a ridiculously busy season, but I know how much the whole thing takes out of me and I really want to be properly prepared going forward. This of course means very little new pieces will be born until the new year, but that's just the way of the world.

So today, it's schooling and tatting up those sold pieces until my fingers blister. Well, that has never actually happened, but I do get sore shoulders after a particularly long day of tatting. I do have interesting calluses on some of my fingers where the thread passes over them. I have no idea why I'm telling you any of this, it appears that I may have lost the plot. I think it's time to move along now and get on with the day.

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Anonymous said...

Digressions are OK. You tat so much, and so fast, that I'm not surprised you have calluses, or even blisters.

You are 3 hours behind me (I'm in PA) so your day is just beginning. I hope it's less frustrating than yesterday.