Thursday, October 11, 2012

Switching Gears

I only got done about half of what I wanted and then I started an entirely different sort of project. More on that later. After schooling I did one painful thing, I ordered more black thread. Seriously, you have no idea how much of it I go through. I try to buy it in bulk, but inevitably whatever site I choose has less than I actually want to buy. This time it was far fewer so it was a less painful purchase than I had intended. Of course that just means I'll be making the same purchase again in just a couple of months. I've bought from so many sites over the years trying to get the best deal because each time I go back it seems they've changed their prices...probably to avoid me again. Sometimes I think I ought to get a wholesale license just so I can buy it direct, but I'm pretty sure what I do wouldn't qualify me for that deal. Oh, well.

I got a couple sets of kitty ears tatted up and it's a good thing too because I woke up to a sale of one. I'll probably do even more of them today just to stay ahead of the curve. Too bad they're not a higher ticket item. Yes, I considered raising the price on it, but it just seemed unwise as I'm perfectly compensated for my work and supplies as it is, so it would just be greed and a bit mean I think. So onto that entirely different project. You know that we recently acquired some ill timed new furniture. Two of those pieces were chairs with lovely textured upholstery. You also know that we have six cats, 3 of which are white. They have sat in the chairs and the result is ridiculous. The current solution is throwing whatever blankets we have over them. Said blankets don't really match though so my new solution is to crochet up some better throws for them. Better, as in more complementary in color. So I picked up some bulk, cheap yarn which is generally against my taste and got to work. Why the bad yarn? Well, cost is a factor and when the general purpose of the finished item will be 'fur catcher' you really don't want to break the bank on quality yarn.

So today more cat ears and time with the afghan. I figure it I devote a couple of hours a day it should work up fairly quickly and the pattern is much more mindless that tatting for me so I can do it in the evenings when I normally put away my tatting for the night. I'll show it to you when I've made some progress, but it won't be too fancy, just an old school ripple pattern. There's no school like the old school. Well, off to it then and thanks for the lovely comments on yesterday's post. it's been a while since I got that many!

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