Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Linen

It was another sale free day so I was allowed some more time to play with the linen thread. As I tatted up a set of bracelets I learned a few more things about the thread and how working with it more slowly and deliberately is important especially when pulling through stitches. All the bracelets worked up without a hitch, but when I started on a necklace I learned yet another lesson.

I had chosen a design with a larger ring and about two elements into the design I pulled the thread and it snapped, dramatically. I suppose that's due to the looser fibers in the thread, but I didn't want to chance it again and worked up a different design for the necklace. I only got one done though. With these pieces I'm trying to get all three colors worked up before listing so I can comfortably use that variation tool I told you about.

In other news, it seems Facebook has gotten worse again. I've seen a message going around other fan pages sharing that without paying to have content seen by people who have liked the page, posts are only being seen by 10% of them. I will likely share the message there as well though apparently no one will see it. Here's the deal as I understand it, in order to receive all the posts from Facebook pages that you like you need to hover over the 'like' button near the top and 'add to interest list' You can create a list with all the pages you want to be updated on and you will apparently, actually get their posts. Now again, this is info I've gotten from other pages and I can very implicitly the veracity of that 10%, but I know views of my posts has been down. So if you actually do like a page, add it to an interest list so you see it and if it works, pass it on, if not, please feel free to ignore me.

So today I have much to do as we are headed off to Las Vegas for the weekend for a wedding, with the kids and we're driving. There's packing and prepping and extra schooling so we can skip work Friday while in the car for like 8 hours. I might bring some tatting, but it's more likely that I'll work on the afghan instead. Mindless crochet is less likely to trigger my latent car sickness. I will try to get the other two linen necklace done before we go though there hasn't honestly been much attention to them yet. I wanted at least three pieces so I could start a shop section for the linen specifically and I also ordered some more black linen thread from a different source, this time 3 ply so it might work up closet to size 10. If so, I have a whole lot more pieces that can potentially be more Eco-friendly. I feel all over the place this morning, so I'll just go now and get this day started.


Bird said...
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Unknown said...

I had horrible car sickness as well until a friend told em about Sea Bands. They're like seat bands with a button that puts pressure on a spot in your wrist and stops the nausea. At the time, I was on a trip with some friends and on the way home I got extremely sick. I put the Sea Band s on and was fine until I got home and gave them back to my friend. Fifteen minutes later I felt like I had before I put them on but it made a four hour car trip a lot better than it would have been.