Thursday, November 1, 2012


As expected I got nothing tatted related done. Not a thing. My day revolved around the children and their Halloween based needs. After schooling it was into the costumes because they had to wear them all day and getting their nails done. After lunch it was a solid hour of getting them truly ready to leave the house, extra costume bits and make up. Then it was off to daddy's work to trick or treat amongst the buildings there. Honestly they get such a good haul there we don't even need to rick or treat for 'real', but they'll hear none of that.

I do have better pictures of them, but the pose here is so perfect that even though it's a bad camera photo, it's my favorite. Yes, I did dress up too though it was just in some of my black clothing and a fancy witch hat I picked up at the Target. In fact their costumes were just their regular clothing with some cheap accessories as well. They may not look fancy, but they were cute and happy and I didn't have to stress out on costume acquisition, but I digress.

After the first run out, we had my sister, her kids and my mom over for dinner as Halloween is my mother's birthday. Apparently this was awesome as a kid and not so much as an adult because everyone ditches you for free candy. Then we ditched her for free candy and trolled the neighborhood with our cousin menagerie. We tried to hand out candy when we got back, but few trick or treaters come over to our side of the neighborhood so as a result we now have what might be categorized as a ridiculous amount of candy in the house. I leave with one of the cats and her cat nip treated treats that they got for Halloween. She paused only briefly from rubbing her head on it for this picture. My entire household is spoiled.

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