Friday, October 5, 2012

What's Old Is New

I just wanted to start off by thanking a few people who sent their comments on yesterday's rant straight to my inbox. There is nothing more important after a rant than a little 'here, here!' and I very much appreciate it. Alright then, on with it. It was actually a pretty short day for schooling as both of them had a few tests and they always knock those out fairly long as I'm sitting next to them to prod them forward anyway. If I left my oldest alone with a math test, she'd take 4 hours to do it.

I finished up the new version of the old choker and got it listed as well. It really did turn out nicer than I expected. Perhaps it's time to take a good look at a lot of the pieces from my past. I'm starting to feel like I'm logging a lot of years of creations and I'm certain I can redo at least a few of them with lessons learned since then, not that I actually need more designs in the shop, it's already a giant labyrinthine mess.

I guess that brings us to today's plans. After schooling I still have one necklace to remake and I think a few more spiders to tat up and maybe I'll get a few more cat ears made up as well. They've made it into quite a few etsy treasury lists lately and I like to imagine that means they may someday grace the front page of the site which my imagination further supposes could lead to more sales of them. Did I mention the huge car repair bill? I know I did, I'm just being whiny like I warned you I would be.

I shall leave you with a picture of some of the new furniture we purchased some time ago, you know before we knew about the car stuff. It was all recently, finally, delivered. This is the new kitchen table with an advanced kitten shelf feature that replaces out 15 year old discount furniture store table which is now the school table. We also acquired some nice sitting room chairs also with hidden kitty shelf features underneath them and a coffee table that opens up for cat or child storage. The children have been warned not to actually store the cats in the table. We'll have to see how that goes. I wish you all a lovely weekend and here's to a busy shop and a creative burst of energy.


** jess! ** said...

I'm somewhat glad that it's not just me that makes big purchases only to have unexpected (and overwhelming) bills follow.
The cat ears are adorable!
How does one get to the front page?

TotusMel said...

Oh, it always seems to happen. Makes my afraid to buy anything!
Getting to the front page seems to be sheer luck, admin picks from treasury lists so the more lists you're selected for the better you're chances, but their still pretty slim.

StringyDogs said...

Thank you for making me laugh. Kitten shelf.