Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Forgot

Sometimes I can be such a scatterbrain. Usually I answer emails, messages and convos quickly and efficiently. In fact usually they are responded to as soon as they are received. If for any reason I don't do that, the likelihood of me remembering to answer decreases exponentially with every hour I wait. I just had one of those, 'Oh, crap!' moments and whipped through and answered half a dozen people that I had probably forgotten about due to my focus on our trip. So be aware if try to ask me something and it's been two days, I have totally forgotten and feel free to remind me...please.

I spent yesterday getting back into the swing of things with both schooling and tatting. I managed to stay on task and get two whole things remade, a mask and another pair of cat ears. I even remembered to post on Facebook that I was upgrading shipping of Halloween orders, though I'm not certain why I bothered as the post was only seen by about 300 people. I am seriously considering just dropping the page because I have no interest in paying to have people even see my posts, but I'll probably just stick it out until a better alternative reveals itself. I just have to accept that it is no longer the tool for exposure that it once was.

So today, it's more remaking and more remaking and maybe I'll get back to the linen pieces as well. I'm really waiting for the sun to come back so when they're done I can actually take pictures of them and I think I've got another day of cloudy skies ahead today. So I guess we'll just see how the day goes.

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