Friday, October 26, 2012

So Busy

Yesterday was so very productive. I have no such aspirations today, but yesterday I managed to school the children, finish making a pair of ankle corsets for the shop, do the laundry and dishes and I cleaned bathrooms, the kitchen and the spare room for our overnight guests and took care of the garbage. There was a period in the afternoon when I'm pretty sure I didn't sit down at all. No, I'm not certain how or why I stuff so much of this into one day, but I do know that I won't get anything like it done today.

Of course when I did sit down in the morning the cats, particularly Halo here, were extremely curious about the flurry of activity not to mention that I was wearing socks for the first time this cold season. I say cold season because I'm pretty sure we don't actually have a fall or winter, just a quick, unceremonious switch from hot to cold. So any way the cat's are quite interested in my socks which is cute and painful at the same time.

Then we have Chi Sai the three footed cat who rarely comes too close to anyone sneaking up to me on the couch. She was apparently attracted by both the socks and the ball of thread during my ankle corset tatting time. Generally they could care less about my thread..yarn is another story though. The light streaming in the window turned her into a cat of pure energy. At least in the photograph and I did promise photographs.

Since the cousin will be over much of the day I'm not certain that I will get much done at all. It's not that they require my constant attention so much as the combination of them and my children is quite loud and distracting. If I get some peace though I do still have a few pieces to remake and I need to start designing for an art project I had previously been asked to participate in. The project isn't due until summer, but it's always better to be on top of things I think. So off to it then, it's going to be a long day.

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