Friday, December 9, 2011


See, right back to nothing much to share. I spent much of the day remaking the last sold order and that was it for orders all day. By the evening I was feeling like maybe I had it in me to make another gift for someone else. I rarely make tatted gifts for people because there are very few people in my real life that have shown any interest in my work let alone a desire to own any of it. I'd hate to gift people with lace just because I can knowing that it will not be appreciated or worse looked on as me being cheap or something. This year I do have a few people that I think will appreciate and perhaps even be happy to receive a bit of lace as a gift so I figure I better take advantage of that and make them something. Of course it doesn't hurt that I feel pretty broke right now too.

I didn't take any pictures of the new gift project yet, but if it works out and I have no idea if it will yet, it will be a static piece. I'm trying to be clever and recreate the shape of an emblem of sorts and I think I've worked out at least part of it borrowing from other patterns. So unless I get deluged with orders today, I'm going to suss out more of the shape I need and take some cryptic photos to show you. That is the whole of the plan for the day unless of course something changes. Have a great weekend all!

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JQ said...

I love your work. And I hear you with the hesitation to make gifts for people who haven't shown much interest. I am in the middle of a handcrafted Christmas, and hoping everyone will enjoy the gifts. They are made with love and thought for the person which should be enough to make the item precious. :)