Thursday, December 15, 2011

Remember To Knock On Wood

It's my own fault really...I should know better. Yesterday when I spoke of the great sales day I had the day before I forgot to knock on wood and luck, she abandoned least for the day. It wasn't a horrible day by any stretch of the imagination, but once you've had such a great one, you unfortunately expect it to continue and anything less is just disappointment. I was however, plenty busy with the task of remaking the pieces that flew out of the shop the day before.

I also have a short tale to tell about patience. Early in the morning I received an order for a custom item with a request attached to rush ship by Friday. Well, the piece not being made yet made that sort of impossible. So I sent a message to that effect asking politely if they would like to then cancel the order. I waited and waited and then I received a message saying it wasn't really a problem and that yes, they would still like it. The moral of the story lies in my initial reaction of, 'read the damn listing' and my own stress over it. What I should have realized was this was more of a, 'doesn't hurt to ask' sort of occasion. Luckily I had already learned the lesson to communicate with patience and kindness no matter my own stress so I didn't make the situation worse. I share this story to remind myself and others to continue to answer these sort of situations honestly and kindly and remember that without jumping into another persons head, we can't know their full intentions. Believe me, if it turns out that they are in fact entitled brats that will come out soon enough, but it's better to assume the best that the worst.

I still have more pieces to remake today so don't expect anything else too interesting for tomorrow. Again I'm hoping sales pick up a bit. The cut off for domestic first class mailing isn't until the 20th so technically there is plenty of time left for people to shop. I just hope they know that. I bet you guys can hardly wait until the season is over and I stop going on about sales and return to creative tatting, huh? Yeah, I know, have patience it's almost over.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. The customer service tip is very helpful (and "assuming the best" is always a good attitude, I think).