Thursday, December 22, 2011


I was about to wish you a happy Friday when I realized that today is in fact Thursday. Weird...I go from thinking the week is creeping along to jumping it forward a whole day. So, happy Thursday then. The family is heading off later this morning to the coast to spend a couple of days by the ocean with my husbands side of the family. I'll still post tomorrow as I have the fancy blogger app on my phone, though I haven't actually tested it out yet, so it may be a complete disaster, but I'll try.

I wanted to thank those of you who threw a few ideas at me for my next project. I spent hours thinking about making tikka after I saw this video posted by Crazy Mom Tats. While it wouldn't be the huge art project I want to do, it's definitely something new I could try out. I've done circlets before, but after a bit more research on the tikka's basic construction, I think I've got a few ideas brewing. I'll just have to save them up until after next week.

I also thought about the half mask idea though I have made a one eye mask, it was smaller and I haven't remade it since it sold. I designed it with an eye hook like the arm of a pair of glasses and it's a bloody pain in the neck to construct. A larger version, more like my Masquerade mask, but halved and perhaps further down the face may prove more structurally sound, but I do really want to make something altogether new.

The last suggestion I received was to make a scarf. Honestly I've already made a few of those and they take forever, look lovely and unique, but don't offer the wow factor I want to go for. Basically the idea of the art piece is to make something truly over the top. I generally strive to make things that are wearable by most people, but the art piece can be ridiculous and couture and I must accept that when I make one, it may never sell. I think I have another idea forming now and I'll revisit it when I have time to sit down and work out some potential details, then I'll share. Please, though do share some more ideas if you have them. There can never be too many of them!


louine said...

Link seems to be broken....can't see the video and a search revealed nothing.

TotusMel said...

Thanks louine, it's fixed now!

Pamela said...

I thought 2 things. Nice long over the elbow lace-up gauntlets, and bridal veils... Happy Solstice!

Ann Martin said...

I can see that a tatted scarf would be incredible, but also that it's too much work for not enough impact. But how about a smaller version... a cowl neckwarmer. Trendy, yes, but tatting would def make it unique.

Have a great trip to the coast - sounds lovely.