Monday, December 19, 2011


Well nuts, my after the holidays project has already been completed. I guess at a certain point I just found my rhythm and the neck warmer was done on Friday night I think. There were no sales in the shop all day so I just kept on going. I even cut the buttons off of an old jacket I had so I wouldn't have to wait for a trip to the store to get some. It is terribly cozy, though I do wish I'd had a bit softer yarn to use for it. I might still venture out after the holidays to find some, maybe to make them for the kids, if they decide they want them too.

Saturday was also a completely dead day in the shop, but we got errands done and I finished the book I was reading. Then on Sunday we accomplished the great wrapping event. We left the girls to play with their cousins for a couple of hours and got it all knocked out. Of course we still can't put everything under the tree for fear of the cats reactions to piles of paper covered goodness. I sort of miss that part from childhood. You know, the box shaking and guessing, but we're certain that it would not end well.

Sunday also brought a small influx of orders. I assume trying to get in just before the shipping deadline. That should keep me busy remaking today and I'll offer one last day of Priority shipping tomorrow. Then, well then the shop will likely turn into a ghost town for a month. Though there are always a few, 'I didn't get what I wanted, so I'm buying myself a present' orders right after the holidays. We still have most of the week homeschooling, but then she's off for three weeks. I doubt we'll stay that long on vacation, you know for our sanity reasons, but that's the official schedule. We also need to clean the house up again before we host the Christmas festivities for the family and I'd rather that was done sooner rather than later, so as soon as I've finished catching up with the shop, it's cleaning time. Sounds like I have one hell of a week ahead of me and I'm starting it with a headache...that can't be a good sign.

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