Tuesday, December 13, 2011

At Least I'm Busy

Thankfully I found myself fairly well occupied with the making of sold items much of the day. The remainder was filled with comic book reading. I have a nasty habit of allowing weeks of books to build up before I attack a pile of them. Sometimes this allows me to read more than one issue of a single title at a time giving the story more continuity and sometimes it means I've read so many books with similar enough characters that I feel as if I might have been brainwashed as all the stories run together. I suppose that is not really all that interesing, but as I have nothing much else to share, it will have to do.

I woke this morning to a couple more orders and though most of the ones I've received lately have been fairly small, I am completely grateful that they continue to come at all. There was a time when tatting was a hobby and even my little shop was meant to do little more than feel my addiction for more thread and take away the finished products to keep them from cluttering the house. Then I had no worry of sales. Now, it is my job and while I love that, it still puts a lot more pressure on me to be a business person, not just a tatter.This means I get to worry about sales more or at least as much as I think about new designs. I suppose I am rambling on now so I shall get on with the day. I'll try for a picture of something for tomorrow as I'm not likely to have much more interesting to share then. Have a pleasant one all.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Pamela, I like reading your "ramblings." I'm hoping to start selling some of my stuff - jewelry, mostly - online soon and reading what the day-to-day activities of running your business are like is helping me understand more of what might be involved for me. It's educational and I'm glad you're sharing it.

Feel free to post pics, either of what you've made or the kitties; I'm currently catless so I always appreciate looking at other people's.

Anonymous said...

[grumble]Why does Google think I'm "unknown"? It just asked me for my name. Which BTW is Meg. So there.

who wrote the last comment...