Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Secret Project 2

We started off yesterday with a shopping trip to take advantage of some holiday clearance racks. We ended up going far more places than our original intent, but we returned home with awesome wrapping paper, new lights and more importantly yarn and buttons so I could crochet up some neck warmers for the girls. I spent the rest of yesterday making one for the youngest and today I will likely spend much of the day making the one for the oldest. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I swear it's almost like a vacation for me. You, however have other things to see today.

Here it is, the last secret gift project. I'm particularly proud of this one, so a few oohs and awws would be much appreciated. The wonderful friend who was the recipient of this one had expressed an interest in the first Day Of The Dead mask I made which was not surprising given the collection of them she possesses. I thought about giving her the existing one, but since I had the thought early enough I had plenty of time to make it a side project and she really did deserve her own one of a kind piece.

The first thing that is unique to this piece is the eye shape. These ones are patterned after actual eye sockets, not the almond shape I use on all the other masks. This did present an interesting challenge as it changed the dimensions of the face dramatically. I couldn't work off the other masks, but rather had to make it up as I went. This meant more than one session of cutting out and starting over.

The other change is the center motif on the forehead. Changing that also caused a ripple effect on the rest of the design. I went a little lighter on the embellishments this time, concentrating on a few key areas rather than all over. I embroidered the entire edge of the piece and found some interesting filigree pieces to use. The triangles or hearts on the sides there are actually from one piece that I cut in half which was less fun than it sounds, but I knew I wanted them. Of course there are plenty of Swarovski crystals in black and red and then some black and silver embroidery to finish. All in all it was a few weeks worth of work after store tasks were done.

The next time I make one of these it will definitely be with the new eye shape as I think it really enhances the skull effect. When I might do that is a complete mystery though. As I mentioned I think I want to do something completely new first and all that is after my week of nothing much here at the end of the year. So to recap, more crochet for me today and the day ends with a sleep over of nieces and nephews so forgive any insanity I might spout tomorrow as a result of that.

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Jessica said...

Ohh. Awww. Love the accents. I never have the patience for that kind of addition. For me it's all sbout the tatting, but that's really gorgeous. I'm sure your friend loved it.