Monday, December 12, 2011

Done And Done

Here we are at another Monday. It was a pretty busy weekend so personally I was hoping for another Sunday so that I can recover from the one I just had. We had decided that before more toys rained down on the children during the holidays we had to get into their toy room and purge or at the very least clean and organize. We didn't end up purging much, we are after all pack rats, but my back is killing me this morning from the cleaning. They now have a floor and couple more clear tubs with sorted toys in them. We just can't bring ourselves to get rid of so many things we collected for them and let's face it...ourselves. I mean there are a lot of toys I wish that I still had from my childhood, but aside from a bag of stuffed animals, I have nothing. So, we 'save' them so that the children have a chance to keep these or we will.

In other news I finished all the tatted gifts I wanted to make. I assembled snowflake ornaments, adding a little bling and a fancy hanger to them. This strange photo is the prototype for the final gift I made. Once they've been given I will treat you to more stories about their creations and show you some real pictures which I swear have been taken. I'm pretty proud of this one and I will make a public thank you to the pattern I got much help from once they are revealed, but man am I glad there are so many other creative tatting designers playing online for me!

The shop was pretty dead most of the weekend, but I did wake up to two customs orders this morning, so I guess that's what I'll be working on today. I'm still hoping for a nice big rush of orders before people start thinking they can't be delivered in time. Still trying to make up for shopping early, but at least we're done with it all.

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