Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It was a fairly busy day in the shop yesterday and that kept me busy tatting most of the day. I must have done something wrong though because halfway through the day I hurt my hand or wrist somehow. The injury manifested itself when I tried to open a jar and it sent searing pair up my wrist. It seems fine this morning so I'm hoping it was just something I did and not something you know...permanent. I live in terror of things like arthritis. I need my hands way too much.

I of course have nothing new and interesting to show you, but I did take a cat picture so I had something to liven up this boring place. This is one of the kittens, Neko and Isis, who is their de facto momma cat.

The only other thing I did yesterday was to complain about machine lace being called handmade. I keep running into it on etsy. They tag it tatting or crochet and sometimes you can tell they picked it up at the fabric store and sometimes its made on one of those home embroidery machines. Either way, it is most certainly not handmade...I might accept homemade, but the only thing their hands did is thread the machine and push some buttons. I know I sound bitter. It can be quiet pretty stuff, but I hate that people are misled into thinking it could in anyway be the same thing as tatting lace or any of the other time consuming lace making skills. So long as a distinction is made, I pretty much like all lace, but enough of that.

I'm all caught up this morning on remaking things for the shop. I've sold a few pieces I don't plan on remaking at all and I actually had doubles on another, so this morning it's snowflake making again whilst crossing my fingers that the shop keeps on humming giving me more to get done.

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