Friday, December 23, 2011


Well, this is my first attempt using my phone to blog and I'm certain it will be a short one. My thumb typing skills still leave much to be desired, but I promised that I would write.

We got to the coast a little later that I personally like, but it was a gorgeous day. The sun was out, all the kids had fun and we ended the day sufficiently exhausted. We'll be spending much of today here as well and then once we're back home it's onto cleaning and the holiday adventures.

I did actually tat in the car on the way to the coast, but just to pass the time and I'm sure to do so again on the way back. Sure, I could just sit in the car, but the sheer boredom. So I guess that's it for me today. I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Christmas and that everyone else has a nice weekend. I talk at you again Monday.

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