Thursday, December 1, 2011

They Always Come In Threes

I should have known what was coming the second the oldest daughter got a sore throat. I should have better prepared myself to inherit the germs that were already flying into my unsuspecting body, but I didn't. So yesterday morning when my own throat started to feel scratchy I uttered one of those long overdrawn, Noooooooooooo's. I am now the proud owner of a used cold. Small consultation is that after the husband mocked that he was fine, he too began the quick descent from scratching throat to mucus over producer. The daughter that gave it to me is already feeling almost fine, so here's hoping it's a quick one for the rest of us.

Despite the cold, there was still work to be done of course. I still had schooling and laundry and I was lucky enough to get another custom color order giving me more direction for the day. I had finished the boutonniere in the morning using a large skein of hand dyed thread. I mention this because I forgot to put it away and as I sat down to start on the custom order. The child held up the skein rescued from the cats. The picture shows me about halfway through rolling it up. They had luckily only broken through the thread toward the beginning and the end of the skein. How they managed that, I have no idea, but it's mostly okay now.

Since minor disasters always come in threes and I had already experienced the cold and the thread, I should have suspected the third incident, but as usual, I did not. I'm working on a pair of barefoot sandals in a custom color most of the afternoon. I'm finishing up one of the small side motifs and hiding the ends when this happens. Yes, you guessed right, my needle snaps right in half. What's sad is this isn't the first time I've managed to snap a needle. Sure, we've all bent the smaller ones, but I can't believe that I exert the amount of force necessary to snap steel while playing with thread. Clearly I do and I'm no longer sorry that I have several sets of needle lying around, just in's not paranoia if they're really after you.

So, what's on tap for today. Hopefully more orders after I finish up the custom one. I might run some errands if I feel up to it and if no more orders come in, I really will work on the gift project. Here's to a quick death to my cold.

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