Thursday, December 8, 2011

New and Interesting

Well, what do you know...something new and something interesting. I'll start with the new. I've been ranting on machine lace for a spell and even trying to mimic its designs just to show it can't do something that I can't. This is of course not true, there is plenty that machine lace can do that tatting cannot as there are no limitations like chains and rings for the machine, but I digress. My attempts were sloppy and entirely too focused on reproduction. Yesterday I was given far too much free time and so I doodled something out and tried to make it. Lo and behold, I did make it and I think it is good. I've used the scallops before and I honestly love the look of them. If given more free time I think I'll expand on the concept and see if I can't create some even bigger pieces using it as well.

Now the interesting surprise. I came back from the dentist with the family and then they off and left me to go on a secret adventure. Normally I'd be glad of some peace and quiet, but all I had to do was the dishes and that's just no fun at all. After I did them though I sat down on my computer and noted on twitter that The Gothic Charm School has put out a holiday gift guide. I was perusing her advice and link list when I saw my own humble shop listed among them. I am always happy to get a mention form anyone, but when it is someone I really like and look up to, it's always a special treat. So, if goth is your thing or perhaps a family members thing, pop by the list for some shopping recommendations from The Lady of the Manners.

I also woke this morning to a couple more orders that will need remaking. Seems the summer in the southern hemisphere is fueling a bit of a run on barefoot sandals. I admit sitting here is the freeze is making the creation of them seem a little odd, but I must make what they buy and as I'm sure I've made abundantly clear, I certainly need the sales. So, that's it for today, new and interesting...don't get used to it.

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God's Kid said...

That necklace is fabulous! I love the design!! :)