Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yikes, I was so busy yesterday. It was a completely unexpected day full of many small sales. I think it may be crunch time for holiday shoppers. My first clue was the sheer amount of sales which is quite small really, but when you're used to maybe one or two a day, it was a lot. The second clue was that half those sales were to men. The rest of the year male shoppers pop by maybe once a month so I'm fairly certain we're in gift territory. I was even asked politely if I could wrap one order, I did. Also in the column of the gods on my side, all the orders were ready to ship pieces with no custom requests. Sure, that means I have a ton of things that need remaking today, but there is no real rush. That puts me in quite a pleasant mood.

Of course with all the work I was up to, I completely forgot to take some pictures for you guys. So instead, I took one of my secret gift photos and pared it down to a nice teaser image.  I hope that's enough to at least add some color around here.

I've got another dentist appointment today to repair a chipped filling that I didn't even realize I had. The rest of the day after schooling will be remaking the things that sold and crossing my fingers for a repeat of yesterday. A couple more days like that or even close to that and I can stop worrying about all that shopping I did last month. Yesterday was the busy I remember from years past and honestly, I love it.

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