Friday, September 3, 2010


It was another long day, but much less eventful. I would even go so far as to say it was a calm and fairly pleasant day. In fact one of the first things I stumbled upon was a blog post by a lovely twitter fashion friend that featured my fancy mask. The blog is Awakened Aesthetic and post was on etsy Halloween finds. What was better than the inclusion was the very sweet thing she said about my work and while I don't know that I'm all that, it was still truly fabulous to hear. I also stole one of her picks for a future Wunderkammer collection so win win.

Before I stared on the long process of getting masks made, I went ahead and made up some matching tenebrous earrings. Then I though, I should make up more matching earrings for existing choker designs. The first was an absolute success meant to match the flower garland necklace. As you can see, it was a simple case of add a couple of chains and a ring, but it tuned the design into a really interesting chandelier type piece. That was so easy I decided for another and was meant with utter defeat. This is when I stopped for the day. So, it turns out some designs do not in fact lend themselves to this sort of motif separation and enhancement. Some designs only work well as part of a whole. This fact has been noted and I will attempt to merely echo the shape for matching earrings the next time I give it a go.

Now to end the week, I'd like to list off a few things that have bothered me this week, you know just to get them out there not to attack anyone in particular. Ahem...people who send emails asking questions, then require you to authenticate yourself in order to respond...I am not going to do it, sorry. People who court drama for the sake of attention rather than intelligent discourse. Self thinks the lady doth protest too much. Justification seems to only applied when one knows one is doing something wrong. People who 'lol' at their own posts, this one is two fold as I generally dislike the acronyms in the first place and secondly, it is exactly the same as loudly laughing at your own jokes which, unless you are in fact hilarious, is annoying. Putting someone on your mailing list without asking. This will have only one effect, I will unsubscribe, ignore your content and if I know you from elsewhere like twitter, I will likely block you there to. I'm fairly certain all that is the opposite of your intent. And last for now, people who ask a question or request a custom order, receive a swift and lengthy response from me and don't even bother with a no thank you or acknowledgment of any kind. Feel free to add your own annoyances if you'd like...might be fun to vent together.


Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

all good pet peeves. my number one is jewelers who describe their jewelry as "organic". It may have evolved naturally, it may have a natural look or element to it, but it is not organic!

Sewicked said...

Here's an email pet peeve of mine: send me stories that snopes has debunked. Really? You couldn't take the 5-7 minutes to check before you sent it?