Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More New Masks

I must be quick this morning as I was rudely interrupted this morning by yet another ant invasion. I know I haven't mentioned those lately, but they have been almost a daily occurrence though much smaller than the last couple of days where they appear to have 'reloaded'.

Anyway, here's the whole view of the, no I am not going to make more this colorful' mask. That being said I do think that more like the blue mask are a possibility. They have more of solid color feel that is more my style and will allow me to show that there are more colors available. There are plenty of other artisans that can keep the colorful jewelry market covered, so I don't think I'll go there either.

The last bit for today is yet another mask. This one is a new pattern based on the flower garland necklace. It doesn't lay flat on the face on the top half, but I still like it just fine. The color palette was inspired by a facebook comment for autumn colors so this one is brown with a russet red outline. I should theoretically get this one listed today, but it doesn't even have a name yet. My little brother and his fiance are visiting from San Diego and since yesterday was a holiday, I got so very little done. It's back to schooling today and maybe a little routine, so I might accomplish that which I plan to, but it's all up to chance.


Bombdigity said...

I really like the autumn colored mask!

Katie said...

wow, i actually really like the colorful one!! so pretty!