Monday, September 6, 2010

In Color

I can't believe how little venting was shared with me on Friday. Am I the only bitter, evil person left? No, that's can't be. The only one without the tact to keep their mouth shut? Now we know that's not true. I suppose it doesn't matter, it made me feel better and that was the point anyway.

Now onto better things, yes tatting things. You might not realize that I have acquired a rather large stash of thread. Okay, you probably realize that, but what you don't is that much of it is in colors. Sure, most of them were acquired to create a custom order, but then I just started buying them, 'just in case' knowing full well that my customers would really have no idea that there were so many colorful options hiding from them because I always go back to black. I adore black thread and the lace that it makes. Anyway, I used some colors this weekend while mask making.

First up here is my 'Between the Stars' mask. I made this one with the and dyed thread that was too bright for the wedding project. It is a gorgeous thread dyed by Heather and it has just the slightest hint of purple giving it much depth. Then I added the black border to frame it better. This one is listed already, but this next one should go up later today and it is the real shocking one too which why you only get a glimpse. I thought when I made "A Land Serene' that it would look nice as a colorful, let's say flower fairy type piece. So that is what I did. Yep this sucker is made with pale yellow flower centers follows by some bright fuchsia flora and finished with hand dyed green. There is no all. In fact while I was making it my husband remarked, 'what is that?'. I replied, 'A Flower fairy mask?' he responded with, 'Is it for Regretsy?' Yeah, that's how out of character this is, but the kids liked it. It will be listed, but if it doesn't sell, I'll use it to donate to my nieces school.

There is even one more after these that I have yet to finish. This one is a new pattern based on the flower garland necklace and is in brown and red for a harvest fall sort of look. Sure, I might do a few more shades as sales are at a stand still and I seem to have time, but don't go expecting the shop to brighten up too much. I have always been and will always be much more fond of the darkness. When I wear color, people worry, but I'm allowed a little 'phase' once n a while right? Besides it's for Halloween and that's about being something a little different than you are, so that's my excuse.


Teer Wayde said...

Stunning! I will have to get my hands on one of these in black for a photo shoot one day.

Tatfully Yours said...

A little colour is a good thing, it will keep people thinking and guessing what you might be up too!!! I like to keep people guessing!

Stephanie Grace said...

First of all, I love the masks. The second made me think more luau than fairy, but what do I know? ;-) I LOVE the blue in the first one... so pretty!

Now, as far as Friday, believe me, I had much to say, I just never got around to it since my list felt so lengthy and I figured I'd just come back later --it was, after all, my birthday, and I was trying not to complain that day (at least, not as much as I normally do... I hate my birthday.).

1. People that think everything is about them. By this, I include people who will not let anyone else get any attention for even a second.
2. People who use double negatives --or just plain bad grammar. I twitch at the thought!
3. People who lie. Not just people who lie, but those people that lie about the dumbest, most insignificant things.
3. People who text message or e-mail you with "K" --Really? I mean, if that's it, couldn't you at least spell out the word? Don't waste my time, okay? Thanks! *rolls eyes*
4. People who last minute love to mess up your well-planned day or schedule. Just because you can't stick to a plan, doesn't mean I should have to rework my schedule for you. Have some consideration, folks!
5. People who misinterpret what you're saying, but still choose to comment and act as though you've somehow offended them. If you find me offensive, then maybe you just can't handle the truth; ever think of that one?

Okay, I'll stop there since I'm pretty sure blogger is about to tell me that it's too long anyway.

-Stephanie Grace