Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quick As A Bunny

With the pressure on, I got all the tatting on the new veil done early in the morning, sent a message with some finishing questions and then went about my required morning activities. Got the home schooling done and a few more tasks and just at the nap time I received the answers I needed to finish the piece. Sure there is really nothing too new and exciting here. I made the same motifs as my other hairpieces, but the assembly was different this time. Since I have more recently become best friends with clear quilting filament. Though I must say that stuff seems to snag on everything and its clear nature makes it harder to untangle from the veiling and whatnot. I also used a bit of craft foam as a base since I only had loose feathers on hand. Basically the bits of this were all leftovers from other pieces that fortunately went together well since I no time to order supplies. In fact this one is going out Express mail this morning along with a small token. While it is preferable to ones sanity to turn down a rushed project, I am very glad that I didn't this time. The bride is lovely and a pleasure to work with.

In other bits, while I was waiting instruction I realized that I had not yet photographed and listed the Ambrosius pendant in the two colors. I got that done just before the kids went down for their nap. I think I've said this already multiple times, but I really like the design in the two colors. You can clearly see the Templar Cross shape, which is really nice. I did make this one by tatting the center rings separately, but it can of course be done in one round using two color tatting. I however, do not love two color tatting with the needle. Heck if I were ever going to go back to the shuttle it would be for two color and single shuttle patterns. If something requires me to work with a long cut thread, I tend to avoid it as it becomes a tangled mess or attracts the unwanted attention of the cat population in my home.

Today's agenda includes worrying about the new veils trip abroad and working on a list of sold pieces that have been waiting patiently for me to get them made again. I might also get a sepia version of the Ambrosius pendant made up as well as I haven't done anything in that color scheme for a while and that is a nice quick piece. Well sounds like the day is planned then and I'm off to it.


Sewicked said...

I am so glad, for the bride & for you, that the new veil could be completed so quickly. Good luck on the big day.

Bombdigity said...

you are so talented!! the veil is beautiful!