Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot and Tired

I am so very tired. I wish I could blame it all on the weather, which is ridiculous by the way, but alas it is more likely that I am tatting myself to death. Okay, perhaps that's a little overly dramatic, but I have been tatting like a crazy person for days now. Just as I packed up the large order and sent it out, I received another order with a custom piece in it. So, I had to stop with the remaking and start on that of course. Since I really want to get things make and listed, I'm working at the fastest possible speed and taking very few breaks. I assume that this pace with be the death of me, so toward the tail end of the evening I took a break.

At that calming time is when I got an email request for a wedding mask. Again, not normally a big deal, but at this point, it actually exhausted me to read the request. Sure, I'm glad to be this busy, very glad, I just didn't anticipate being this busy now. I thought if I was going to make sales, it was going to be a lot of masks and having made them already I would be in the clear. I need to really stop trying to tell the future and just roll with it.

Oh, I was apparently on the front page of etsy again...in the middle of the night of course. This was Sunday/Monday depending on your time zone. This one resulting in many hearts for the shop, but no sales. Now I just need to see if they can feature me when the sun is out in my neck of the woods....oh, and when I'm actually home would be lovely too. Or you know, they could just make me the featured seller. Could you imagine the amount of overworked complaining I would do then? Wow, that would be awful. I would have to stop blogging to save your sanity or me from getting collectively smacked by you. So off to it for the day.


Tatfully Yours said...

It is nice to be over worked in a good way!!

Sewicked said...


Keys and Memories said...

I can totally relate to what you are saying!