Monday, September 13, 2010

What Babe?

Let's see, what did I do on Friday? Well I did finish up the mask that sold, though it never was paid for and I had to cancel the sale and watch my sales numbers run backwards. Anything else? No, I believe that was the whole of Friday.

I did get some time to work on the new mask design that has been worming through my brain for a spell on Saturday. It started with the same 'babe with the power' base. I opted for burgundy with this one partly because I had it out from the last mask and partly because, well it looks good with black. Then came the tricky bit, making the frill.

I used the same basic technique as this bracelet. You should be able to see what I did there, but making it up as I went, it's just one long chain attached to the picots below it where the chain is one stitch longer between each picot. This formed a fairly consistent ruffle. In fact it turns out the really tricky bit was pressing the mask face without killing the natural freedom of the edge, but I have developed a fairly light touch over the last few years, so it worked out in the end. The mask is fairly reminiscent of frilly panties honestly so it earned the Labyrinth lyric, 'What Babe?' and is now listed. I think it was the last mask idea left in the brain for now, so here's hoping I actually sell some of them this year. It's not looking so good right now.

After that one was listed, I have only two more masks listed that have to be made, so I started on one of those. Then I got a request for a Luna Moth bracelet from someone who had seen the moth creation. She wanted some variegated thread, so I ordered up the one she wanted and I'll need to wait for that to arrive before I make it up. Then she also asked for one in sepia tones, so I did get to work on that one. Unfortunately I took no pictures last night when it was completed. On the fortunately side though, I did finally write down the pattern for the large moth and will be getting it up for you as a free pattern tomorrow. If I get enough free time I will also get down the small variation and have that up as well. If I get tons of time and more motivation, I might get it up as an Instructable complete with a video on how to do the inward facing picot I used. That however is not really all that likely as I still have school to do along with a ton of other little things, but I do promise the pattern anyway. That, I think, is the whole of the blog for today.

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Thank's for all you share ( tutos, explainations ... )
I really like all you do .
Best for the rest :)