Friday, September 17, 2010

Ambrosius, The Tatted Choker

I got that bracelet done yesterday, but while taking photos of it I realized that it needed another hook in the middle to survive. I suppose that's the good thing about needing to take modeled photos of a new piece. It gets gently worn and I get to see how it would handle on a person. But, Pam, you're thinking, you don't just wear all your jewelry? No, my friends, I do not. Occasionally, if I am going to a public event of some sort, I will remember a pendant or perhaps a bracelet, but most days it's just my metal earrings and my rings. Sure, I could sport a tatted ring, but I am so ridiculously rough on my hands that even my platinum wedding ring is pretty roughed up. Wow, did I just digress, I put another hook on the end and the bracelet was fine.

After using the power of twitter to name and list the bracelet, I decided I needed a matching choker, so that is what I spent the better part of the day working on. Like the bracelet only twice the length, it tatted up fairly quickly. The only exception was the fill in work of those little diamonds. Cutting and tying and hiding ends makes for tedious, time consuming work. I even thought of leaving them out, but while the design is certainly interesting, it was far too free standing or open and I fear would not have stood up to much use.

Let's see, what, I never heard back from the potential mask buyer. I shall assume that she was really trying to get the piece for free or ridiculously cheap and free advertising or not, that is not going to happen. I know most of us tat for the sheer joy and challenge, but I have bills man. I was fortunate to get a healthy sale yesterday though payment was painfully slow. In fact I only just now woke up to it. I was terrified that it was going to be yet another abandoned sale and I was getting a tad depressed. Etsy is still working on implementing an express payment system which requires payment at the time of purchase, but some sellers need the ability to charge different sales taxes based on zip code and this was apparently not anticipated. They've made the tax change so the checkout should be here soon...not soon enough, but soon.

I saw a couple more patterns hiding in the new pieces that I want to try out, so if I get a chance I'll work on that. I thankfully have a few other pieces that need to be remade now, so there is that as well. Looking forward to the weekend as the Nor Cal Renaissance Faire begins this weekend to apparently good weather, so we'll be heading there for a day. The children adore it and I need my yearly fix of strange fair food. Sadly there will be no frivolous shopping as sales are too slow to justify it, but a day out, is a day out and the people watching is top notch. Enjoy your weekend all!

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Sewicked said...

Choker looks fabulous. Have fun at the fair, ours isn't until October (I think) & November; about 6 weekends. It makes October very busy for me.

Do y'all dress for it?