Thursday, September 2, 2010

It Wasn't A Monday?

About halfway through the day I started calling it sneak attack Monday. Why? Well it clearly wasn't a Monday and yet I was bombarded with tasks that usually greet me on the first day of the week. There were multi front and multi stage ant invasions, there was unexpected laundry and lots of it. There was accounting, dishes and cat issues and I could go on, but I shall not.

I did get some tatting accomplished amid all the chaos and unrule. I finished up the black version of the new necklace design and did the finishing work on the gray set as well. I think if I get a chance I'll make up the same earrings in black without embellishment as well. I also do want to get the bracelet design I came up with listed as well. They might come second though as I have two masks I want to get made up and my Mother-In-Law has requested another to be donated to my nieces school for a raffle. I don't really like committing the larger pieces for these things as they take so much time and particularly since it is mask season and I shall likely be making a ton of them in the coming months, but it's family.

I almost lost my other thought for the morning. I came up with a small change to the Wunderkammer to give me a bit of a break. I am going to shift the posting from Tuesday to Saturday and instead of doing an etsy list on Saturday, it will start as just a single image I run across at Flickr. It takes little effort to do that and in this weeks post I will also be asking people to shoot me links. Since there is little risk of the images disappearing I can stock pile them and schedule them to post whenever needed. In fact if I get enough good ones I can add Monday back into rotation with a picture book-ending the week painlessly with eye candy. If it goes well, it might lead to a few more changes I'm thinking about, though the bulk of the blog will stay the same true to its original purpose. Now, it's off to it then.

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Sharon D. said...

I love the necelace and earrings. All of your tatting is beautiful. Hope the rest of your week goes better.