Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look At Me!

Well, I might not have gotten much of significance done yesterday, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to share. First up on today's 'look at me' post is the Steam Tuesday feature at Overbury Ink. Every Tuesday, Nancy puts up a feature on a different artisan that focuses on Steampunk or NeoVictorian art and promotes the post all day long on twitter. I was lucky enough to be chosen for this weeks feature and it is up here.

Next up also from the 'look at me' files is a tiny little bit of etsy's front page. Rotating near the top of the page are links to different features. Each time you visit the page or refresh the images change up, but are a small number of repeating images. Currently one of those is a link to Halloween treasuries and thanks to Azcra Woodward's amazing picture with the perfect aspect ratio, my Crystal Moon mask is one of those images. A hearty thank you to dbvictoria for letting me know and catching this screen shot for me or wouldn't have known at all. You can of course try to catch it like I did by refreshing the front page of etsy until it shows up, but I have no idea how long it will be in rotation. The only sad part is that while the image is credited as my item, there is no link to me from it so it is unlikely to bring me any direct traffic safe from those who look me up after seeing it and even then I will have no idea where they came from.In other news, I did get the new brown and red mask named, 'In Absence Of The Sun' and listed and began work on another in gray and black.I almost started a brand new design, but smacked myself a few times and settled on just making an existing design in the chosen shades. Well that's how it started anyway. I was going to just make the Babe With The Power Mask, but as I started the second round with the black thread I decided to change it to more of an outline and now we have yet another mask design albeit very similar to the other. Fortune smiled on me though as a name for this one was easy to decide...it shall be 'You Remind Me Of The Babe' since it will indeed remind you of the other mask. I should get it photographed today and its creation has spawned a few other ideas as well. I shall throw them against the wall and see which ones stick.

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victats@gmail.com said...

Oh God! You're everywhere! Congrats.