Monday, August 3, 2009


I got all excited when I got an email this morning telling me that the magazine for which I sent my jewelry for was up online...then I saw the photo shoot. Now, I'm a little sad. Really I should be grateful that I have another piece in print, but I had sent three necklaces including one made specifically for them and all they used was one, barely seen in the picture. I understand that they had things from many designers and perhaps mine didn't match the hats they wanted to use or maybe they did take pictures of the other pieces, but they didn't make the cut in the end. Either way my excitement at being in an alternative fashion magazine has waned considerably. Just in case you *do* want to see it, a digital copy is free to download here: Auxiliary Magazine and print copies will be available in a week I'm told.

Let's see, the rest of the weekend was spent getting this house back into shape in an effort to ensure that we get our deposit back when we move. When we left the apartment we lived in for 7 years, the property management not only kept our deposit, but sent us a bill for additional repairs over six months later. The carpet needed replacing and even though it was not new when we moved and was past its lifespan, we were forced to pay for it. You have no idea how pissed I was...livid really, but you can't go back, you must move forward. So, we did the yard, I pulled up misbehaving grass and weeds until my hands hurt and my back ached. You might imagine that this meant the rest of the weekend was unproductive and it was.

There has been a slight lull in sales again and this has afforded me the opportunity to get more pieces off the custom list. I worked on a couple of masks and I ordered up some crystals to get a few more knocked out before we move...theoretically, on the weekend of the 14th. I say theoretically because I am no longer assuming anything when it comes to this house purchase. I also started getting the wunderkammer giveaway set up and once I hear back from everyone I contacted, I'll get the post set and ready to run for the 10th. I really hope this is the jump start the blog needs to really move beyond its loyal, but small audience and get some real exposure for the artisans and their work.


Athena's Armoury said...

It's still very, very cool to be featured in a mag. Congratulations!! If it's any consolation, I spotted your necklace immediately.

Artsnark said...

Congrats - tis still very exciting :D Will have to check it out later

kadler said...

Sorry about the disappointment, but I agree with Athena - it's awesome to be featured at all!

And sorry about the landlord issues. I always have them too.