Monday, August 10, 2009

Wunderkammer Giveaway

I know that this is just so much self promoting cross posting, but I'm doing it anyway. Please stop by the Wunderkammer and checkout the amazing giveaway going on there. The redesign is done and seven amazing artisans donated prizes to be given away to readers new and old. Each and every one of them deserves a great home, so the Wunderkammer needs your entries, your plugs and recommendations. Of course if the theme of the blog isn't your bag, that's fine too, just pass it along to anyone you think might enjoy it.

In other news, we did a walk through in the new house while the owners were in the process of moving. We were a little taken back to learn that not only were they taking the porch brick by brick, but also two trees in the backyard. Wasn't shocked to see them taking the blinds, but we hadn't really thought about that. Since this house is window heavy we've got to replace those pretty fast and get the backyard put back together so the kids can have their place to play. Oh, and the carpets were quite a bit more stained than we remember so they need a good cleaning too. Of course all this is contingent upon us actually closing on time. We got the most recent paperwork, but no one seems to have a solid answer about the closing date. Seeing the owners moving out has us in a better mood though as it represents good forward momentum.

Also this weekend, I picked up some bamboo crochet size 10 thread at JoAnns. I don't really shop there, but made a trip with my Mother-in-law. I went ahead and tatted up a quadra bracelet with it as a trial. It's much softer and tats a bit smaller than the size 10 cotton. The resulting bracelet has a much looser drape, if that makes sense. I can't imagine making a mask with it as I think it would just collapse upon itself without a lot of stiffening. It would probalby be great for the frilly cuffs I make though. Of course the bigger issue for me is color selection. Right now it seems they only do a few pastels...and no black. I'm glad I gave it a go though and I might work up some pieces after the move to sell, whenever that turns out to be.

4 comments: said...

Don't take their word for it,check your sales agreement about the porch. They may be pulling a fast one. In which case you need to bring this up through your lawyer. A brick porch is not something people typically take with them!

LesleyD said...

I agree with VicTats! You should definately check your sales agreement!! I'm in the process of buying a house too and mine was drawn up to leave everything as it is. They can't take porches or plants. Definitely get your lawyer involved!!!

that_rat said...

@victats it was part of the agreement, our real estate agent over looked that part. They wanted $3000 for a ~$600 porch. We passed.

BTW - When I drove by this morning a U-Haul was in the drive way. A VERY good sign.

Jrahn said...

Sort of can't blame them for wanting to take everything possible, they lost over a good $200k on the house. Still their fault though. I would of handed them a $20.00 on their way out to show good faith.

p.s. my word verification for this comment is,"fulahsht." Just saying.