Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ow & Wow

Interesting day yesterday. First my two year old decided to attempt the surgical removal of the wart on my back with my tatting scissors. Yeah, I thought she was just playing with my back as she does often, when the pain hit. Actually it's just too bad she didn't actually take the bad boy off. Now it itches something fierce.

Then I got a message forwarded to me from our loan guy saying that he was getting the loan docs anytime now, so be ready for the call. Only much later in the afternoon were we informed that while he had the loan docs, he had to request more papers from the title company so it would be another day. The time between these two events had me antsy and relatively unproductive as well.

A bit of good news however, I had gotten a blog contest entry from one of the gals that does the Haute Macbre site. Now, for me, this was like having the cool kids, no the cool, famous kids talk to me. I was elated and yesterday, the site posted about the Wunderkammer giveaway. To say the plug increased traffic would be a dramatic understatement. So not only was prize 3 unlocked, but prize 4 needs just 2 more entries to be on the table. The Wunderkammer has also increased its blogger followers way past my humble personal blog. Yep, I think this was just the ticket to getting a little notice for my baby blog.

Back to the house buying business, hopefully we will in fact get those papers signed and can have the keys to the house in our hands by the weekend. Of course if that does happen, look for me to disappear over the weekend and perhaps not return until the middle of next week. If it doesn't, look for me to keep complaining loudly until it does. I will let you all know when I know...which I hope to be soon. I'll keep on tatting as long as I can. All my supplies have been ported into plastic tub for easy moving and access. I figured that might keep my down time to a minimum, Internet connection not withstanding. Well, onto the unknown for the day.


AndiB said...

I sympathize--homebuying is one of the most stressful processes imaginable, even when things go smoothly. Best of luck on that!

And congrats on the growth of the Wunderkammer--very much deserved.

FetishGhost said...

Big Congrats!