Monday, August 24, 2009

My Poor Toe

And so begins another week. Hopefully this one will have a few less of the slightly annoying and seemingly constant little setbacks. As you might well guess, I am exhausted both physically and emotionally from the house move and while a good percentage of our things are unpacked and settled, there is still a mountain of chores awaiting and that isn't counting the things that just keep cropping know, the setbacks.

Let's see. we'll just outline the newest of those. We are under attack from ants that apparently live within the walls. They pop out in random locations and once I have quelled the tide, they reemerge elsewhere... I am at war. Then there's the small hole in the washers water line catch. This caused it to not catch the slight leak from a less than completely tightened water line and well it ran down the inside of the wall. I am no expert, but fear this means we must replace the drywall before the potential mold sets in. The last little fun surprise this weekend occurred while my husband was setting up the surround sound speakers. You see, he moved the couch out and I misjudged the distance and slammed my foot into the corner of the couch. I thought I was just being dramatic as I cursed and hopped over to rest and coddle my foot. It soon became clear, however, that my small toe done broke. It quickly swelled and took on a lovely shade of

Life must resume this Monday morning, so the etsy shop is live and my tatting supplies are out. It's been over a week, so I hope I'm not too rusty. Of course I can spend only a minimal amount of time tatting as the house is still calling me and the ant war is unlikely to end anytime soon. The house is big and beautiful and the neighborhood is nice, so I hope that these little things are the biggest things to worry about and then everything should be fine.


Sewicked said...

Boric acid from the pharmacist. Non-poisonous to larger mammals (ie humans, even small ones; cats, dogs, etc). But deadly to ants.

AmongTheRuins said...

Wow, what adventures! I broke my little toe - hurts like the dickens! Feed the ants plain old Grits. It kills them. You have to keep feeding them until they are all gone. Good luck with that! And congrats on your big beautiful new house!!

RockLove said...

Thank you so much - you're the best.

And OUCH broken toe? Is it morbid to say at least now it matches your hair? Anyway, toes are a pain since they can't really cast them... just tape them to the next piggy for support. Make sure it is well aligned, tape it to the next with surgical adhesive, take about 600mg of Ibuprophen (NOT Tylenol), and keep ice on it. Hope it feels better soon!

mermaiden said...

i use peppermint oil in the kitchen for ants. not messy, smells nice, won't harm food or peeps.

my hubs broke his toe, he is no wimp but man that was a painful "heal". let's say he won't have a career modeling pedicures.

Thoughts of wellness, and calmness, and wholeness to you!!!

Kate8085 said...

Whew..things have been so crazy for you lately..heres to hoping for some settling down.
I HATE when anything happens to my toes, they are super sensitive..I have a super high pain tolerance,
but I probably would have passed out/peed my pants if that happened.
You poor thing.
Frickin' ants. UGH!!

Amy said...

The little Terro liquid baits work really well, and are better contained than any of the yucky sprays. That, and like to imagine them carrying it triumphantly back to their friends. I REALLY hate ants.

Hope your toe feels better soon!

. c h o k l i t . said...

Oh good lord, poor 'lil toe! I'm so sorry to hear that...