Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Look What I Discovered

So just recently I've been noticing a new surge in Instructable visits to my etsy store as well as new subscribers to my page there. Needless to say, I had no idea why. I haven't made a new on in a while, though I have one on deck for after I move. So this morning I went be there and started to look around a bit. Wasn't featured on the craft page and I couldn't find my face anywhere, until maybe the third time I landed on the front page. There in the top right corner is a large rotating block which was now full of my masked face...ahhh, that would explain it. So, thank you folks at Instructables for once again giving me a bit more exposure. I continue to be awed and humbled by the attention that mask has gotten. And to think, I only entered the Halloween contest that started on on a whim since I had coincidentally created the mask that season.I have to say this discovery was a lovely way to wake up and here's hoping that it carries on throughout the day. I didn't get all that much done yesterday as I was not only called upon to puppy sit, but I also had a visit from my Grandfather and my brother at the same time. This ate up most of the morning and since I spent the kids nap time scrubbing the bathroom floor, I didn't finish the ankle corsets as I had hoped I would. I did get two bracelets made in the morning though. I am started to yearn for creation again, but I shall try to stave off the desire for a bit. I've packed away all my photo stuff, so anything I make would lie undiscovered for weeks anyway and you know me, I like attention. Hard to create something and not immediately play show and tell with it.

I am starting to reach an impasse with the cleaning now as well. Until I am told by the property management what must be done, I think I'll sit on my hands a bit, 'cause there's no way I'm touching that garage. It is absolutely the last frontier in cleaning. Spider webs, mystery boxes and, well so much crap I wouldn't even know where to begin, so I won't. I'll try for more tatting today, maybe a bit of packing and that, my friends, is about it.


Unknown said...

grats! more publicity is always nice, especially unsolicited publicity =P

it is a beautiful mask, certainly caught my attention.

happy crafting!

Sewicked said...

Have you invested in those face masks yet? I heartily recommend them as a defense against dust, esp garage dust.

Kate8085 said...

Congrats! That mask is fabulous and deserves the recognition.
Moving blows.
That is all I pretty much need to say about that.

Artsnark said...

Congrats! I love the instructables. they always have cool stuff & you are definitely cool ;D