Thursday, August 6, 2009


I was going to start out with the phrase, 'you won't believe what happened', but it occurs to me that at this point in the house buying experience that everything that can go wrong will. Without going into particulars, the sellers bank has chosen at this point in the game to change the deal a bit, costing us more money. Now that's not the biggest deal as we went into this assuming that we needed a certain amount of money as a worst case scenario, so we're fine there. The problem is that this amendment requires our lender to do more work and there has to be a 7 day waiting period and this pushes back our close date. Lucky for us they were apparently on track to close at the beginning of next week, so with the added time, we should hopefully still make it before the 14th and at least before our 19th move out date.

I got stressed out for a bit over the extra money needed and the time issues, but honestly I calmed down pretty fast. I suppose I could have put up a big stink about it, but that likely would have only put me under more stress and aggravated the situation. I know that there are a lot of people working in the background on this that would suffer more if we got all crazy like over it, so I'll just play the duck and let the water roll off my back.

I got right back to tatting and finished up the mask I was working on. Now I've just the second in a pair of ankle corsets to finish and everything in the shop is ready to ship. No custom pieces means I should have to keep the store closed for long at all during the move, just as long as I'm knocked out of Internet access. Since every dollar into the household counts extra now, this is a very good thing.

We also have our move out inspection this morning. Hopefully, she doesn't see too much that needs to be done to the house before we leave. Seriously all this deep cleaning crap is really beginning to take its toll on my hands. The greater lesson I'm taking away from this is to clean more frequently in the new digs. Less more often does really sound like a really good idea after all this scrubbing. Though just having a new house with unmarred surfaces to begin with sounds like a dream. All the aged nicks in the linoleum floor here make cleaning them an exercise in futility. I'm sure I'll have a bunch to complain about tomorrow as well. I know you just can't wait huh?

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For The Love of Beads said...

that's what a blog is for, right? ranting about whatever you need to get off your chest. =)

here's hoping this is the last of the delays! good luck!