Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things I Learned Yesterday

I am certainly trying to get into the swing of things around here, but something is sure trying to keep things more interesting than that. Yesterday included a series of little lessons and disasters. I discovered that while cleaning up cat fur ball/puke on tile is technically easier than on carpet, it's gag factor is increased ten fold. I discovered that even if your broken toe feels better and your limp is almost gone, walking through Target for a half an hour is in fact a bad idea. I learned that one complete with random shooting pains through my foot.

Between those two lessons there was one minor disaster. While I was quelling yet another ant invasion, my 5 year old runs into the room to confess that she put a hole in the wall with her knee. She was rolling around on an exercise ball and fell in apparently the perfect weak spot. Now, it's more of a cracked dent than a full blown hole, but it is in a curved portion of the wall making repair a bit daunting. We really need to get the backyard done here, so these kids can get outside before they destroy the house.

I did get a little tatting done, though I didn't finish anything. I also dug out my camera intending to try to take pictures of a couple of pieces I had sent to the magazine shoot that didn't get shot. Didn't get around to that, but now that the camera is out, it might get done this week...maybe. Still no new sales in the etsy shop. I even contemplated having a sale, but changed my mind. They just take too much babysitting to make work and I'm constantly being thrown in twenty directions lately, so perhaps it's a bad idea. I'll just wait patiently.

I wonder now, what lessons today has in store for me...please be pleasant, please be pleasant.

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Sewicked said...

The real wish is 'no more AFGO, no more AFGO'