Friday, August 7, 2009

Here I Go Again

Okay, it wasn't so bad...the pre move out inspection, that is. As I had hoped nothing looks bad enough to warrant taking funds out of our deposit save for a couple of window screen ripped up by neighborhood cats, trying to get in the house. I do, however, have to clean, well, everything. We've decided at this point to try and wait until we're actually moving and/or moved to do the rest of the cleaning though. At this point the house is so full of boxes that we'd probably have to do it all again anyway. We are still waiting for the new paperwork know the ones that require a seven day waiting period before the loan can close. Our lender says he's trying to get an addendum from the sellers bank so he can proceed and it has not been forthcoming. I swear, someone is losing an eye if we can't get this all wrapped up before we need to be out of this house. I know, we can ask for an extension here if we need one, but I don't want to have to do that.

Alright, enough house stuff. Yesterday the task was completed. All the pieces listed in my etsy store are now made and ready to ship. No waiting period on anything. I feel very accomplished. Of course I also sat for a bit wondering what to do next. I decided to go ahead and get on another mask. This time, I'm remaking the Valentine Evening mask, which is just my avatar mask, but in burgundy with garnet colored crystals. That ought to keep me busy for a bit.

Oh, and one small rant this morning. Someone is trying to sell a piece made with the necklace pattern I shared on Instructables. Again, I am annoyed. This time on Artfire, where I have no presence and they have renamed it, but it is clearly my necklace. I know, the minute I started to share my patterns I opened myself up for this, but it still ticks me off. No mention of me as the designer at all and again it is someone I am acquainted with. The whole reason I began using only vintage patterns and designing my own pieces was to never infringe on another persons work. Anyway, rant over. I haven't even complained to them yet & honestly...I hope that they read this and are guilted into fixing it themselves. I know that's very passive aggressive of me, but I'm not in the mood for direct confrontation, so there. Feel free to tell me I'm being petty, it's cool.

So more tatting and a little cleaning today. We also get to do a walk through and sign some more paperwork with the sellers. So we might have more information to share come Monday. Hopefully, everything gets sorted for the Wunderkammer over the weekend as well so the giveaway will proceed over there. All in all, gonna be a crazy weekend.


Sewicked said...

Are you kidding? There's nothing more irritating that have someone use your work & not crediting you. It's one thing if they admit up front "I don't remember where I got this pattern, if you do, let me know" because that's just being human & forgetful. When they don't mention it *steam comes out of ears*

Anightgirl said...

You have no reason to think you are being petty. That is your design and your art. Taking your pattern and using it in a new way with alterations is one thing, but to blatantly rip off your work is terrible. I would send them a message.

SarahKelley said...

Maybe send them a link to this post?