Monday, August 31, 2009

New Mask

Yes, that's right, I made a new mask. It was actually designed and completed on Friday. This time around I started with a much simpler motif. It was tatted directing onto the eye wires and after much fiddling, I worked out a modified center, edge and wrapped the wire. I still have one more idea for another mask, but as I actually made a couple of sales this Sunday after a week long drought, Ill be working on remaking sold pieces first.

This weekend also saw us working on weeding and maintaining the front lawn. It's amazing what just a couple of weeks of neglect can do to a plant bed...the morning glories were seriously taking over. Of course as far as weeds go, they're at least pretty. We pulled out a plant that had perished long ago and bought a tropical canna plant to put in its place. We also received a very large sago palm from one of my husbands coworkers that we'll need to find a home for. We know so little of plants since we really couldn't plant any in the rental. It's been interesting looking these thing up and trying to act like homeowners. We also bought some curtains that I got up and a few ceiling fans...that will get put up by someone else with more manly hands than mine.

Much to my husbands delight, we have also finally gotten the entertainment center completely set up. All the game systems, programed new remotes and got everything in the right places instead of sitting on boxes in front of the television. They even busted out the street fighter game sticks, oh the button mashing.

Now, we just have two more rooms to really get cleaned up and it won't look so obvious that we just moved in and yes, I did all this stuff with my broken toe. Yes, it still hurts, though it would be much better if not for every member of my family stepping on it at least once. So, it was an eventful if slightly painful weekend and I'm sure I missed a few details, but I've written enough as it is.

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Kate8085 said...

Love the new mask.
Your talent never ceases to amaze.
Sounds like the house is really coming along!