Tuesday, August 18, 2009


No, we did not get the keys on Monday. I sit in a half empty house with a completely full u-haul in the driveway. We're told we should fund this morning and possibly get the keys...should,possibly. We'll keep cleaning and packing and hoping that we get moved today because tomorrow is the last day we can be here in our rental. Sure we can extend the time here, but I foolishly scheduled the power and phone to shut off. Speaking of power, we were informed just yesterday that even though our new house is mere block from our current residence their power is through another company. We had to rush downtown to set up the account before they closed for the day only to discover that the order to shut off the power there had already gone through for today and they can not turn the power back on until the next day. Yep, that means we get to potentially spend our first night in the new house free from the bonds of electricity...fun.

We also won't have phone or Internet until at least Thursday supposing of course that nothing else goes awry. So, if I appear to have completely disappeared for the rest of the week, at least you'll know why. I hope that when I can write again, the cosmic joke that is this house purchase will have given us its last punchline and I can speak with a much less jaded tone. It is after all a beautiful home, that we vaguely remember thinking it would be nice to spend the rest of our lives in barring a sudden millionaire status. I want to also say thanks for all of the wonderful birthday sentiments you guys have expressed as well as the wishes regarding the move. Honestly, I've decided that I didn't have a birthday yet this year, maybe I'll find some time on the flip side of all this to celebrate. Well, here's to hoping.


Unknown said...

I would think a delayed birthday celebration would be in order, once you're all unpacked and can properly relax. =) Still got my fingers crossed for ya that all the hassles are over (tho they are getting mildly cramped at this point) A night by candlelight could be fun as long as you find some big candles and a good book.


Sewicked said...

Here's hoping for cool weather, too. Freeze stuff now to help keep you cool, just in case.

Unknown said...

It sounds all too familiar--my house purchase had many of these same "twists" and yet, once I got in, the joy of having the place bubbled up and it has been great ever since (for 15 years now). Hang in there, it's going to be amazing and a delayed bday celebration sounds like just the the thing to take the chill off.

Jrahn said...

You could take up churning butter in the dark..

Kate8085 said...

Ugh. What a nightmare, so sorry
that this house has decided to
be such a pain in the ass.
Good luck, tomorrow! I am sure
it will all work itself out.