Thursday, August 27, 2009

Before The Sun Comes Up

I am an early riser. Up at like 5 every morning. Even on weekends I rarely sleep later than 6. So it is no surprise that I get to learn things even before the sun comes up. This morning, I took on the challenge of the sprinkler system. No, it's not complex, but this neighborhood is full of well manicured lawns and I do not want to be 'that' neighbor. Okay, with the hair and tattoos, I'm probably already 'that' neighbor, but I don't want to stand out for those kind of reasons. Still working out the line that's suppose to water the shrubberies. I think I need another set of eyes for that one...oh and a little light might help too.

Yes, the war of the ant wages on, though I think I might be winning at this point. I even turned back the tide originating from a window 15 feet up on our vaulted living room. This is not to say that they are not putting up a formidable fight. Keeping my foot elevated is nearly impossible with the constant bombardment of the new ant fronts...oh crap, there they are again.

Anyway, I did get some tatting done again yesterday finishing up a Portrait necklace. Now, I am completely caught up on sold items. I will probably get to work on more masks just to get some more stock ready for the upcoming Halloween season. I did also run across some clearance necklace wires, you know the ones that create the floating pendant, that I'd like to create a new piece or two with. I don't know if I've got a lot of creative energy right now, so I might not get around to those for a while. Of course since I can't work on more unpacking with the broken toe, so sitting on my arse tatting is really my best bet.

I did take a couple of house pictures yesterday, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I think I know where the cable is...maybe. Yeah, I'll get around to sharing those sooner or later.

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mermaiden said...

ok, here's another tactic for you to intimidate the ants. get a big bowl of melted chocolate and start dipping 'em. right in front of the incoming army so they can see what happens to their comrades. HA! that'll make them think twice.